Trinah feeling ‘Glorious’


SINGER Trinah Chisanga, who was part of the impressive gospel group Xploits, has released a new single titled “Glorious”.
This is the first single off her debut album titled “Icata” which she will release soon.
Trinah says she has been relatively quiet because she has been busy with church work as she is director of music for Mt Zion Christian Church in Lusaka.
She says “Glorious” is a worship medley which she says was birthed out of a church service and talks about wanting more of God.
“I can’t really say I’m the one who wrote it, it was a combination of a bunch of different songs. It was birthed during a worship service we call The Encounter. It was a time when we wanted God to manifest himself and we started having songs being birthed right at the pulpit and Glorious was one of the songs,” she explains.
“It was more of an exaltation that God is above everything, He is glorious, just talking about how big God is. There’s a part in the song which says ‘draw me close to you, closer than before’, it came from a place of saying I want to have an encounter with God where it’s beyond just a church service, where he becomes a part of me.
“Sometimes even as much as we say we’re Christians, we don’t really know who God is because we don’t get to spend time with him. In the song, I’m saying more of you God less of me, take more of me because I need more of you.”
The song was produced by Ben Blazer, who is also her partner, and she says it was inspired by the hunger that the youths had for God during the service.
“The hunger that they had and still have for God is what must have led to that song because there was such a hunger, desire and yearning for God,” she says.
“Even when the song was being sung, the whole congregation was singing along and it became one of those songs where you sing it every Sunday and you know service will go down. So my inspiration for that was seeing how people just wanted to love God.”
Trinah was scheduled to release her first album in February this year but her producer was out of town and they had to redo some things when he came back.
She says the album has taken her seven years to work on and that it has not been easy and at some point she felt like quitting.
“I won’t lie, there were a bunch of hiccups, there were things that weren’t in place. It has been one of those albums where I’ve started, then I’m almost giving up on music because I’m like it’s not working and God keeps making a way,” Trinah says.
“There are moments where I’m like I’m done, I’m not doing this anymore and God brought Ben and said do this recording.
“Even in the process of it, I was like God it’s not working, I’ve been recording and things are not working as they should and you feel like giving up and in those moments, God reminds you that he is still faithful.”
She says she may release one more single before finally releasing the album but she wants people to be hungry for more of her music when they listen to the first single.
“I know my fans have been hungry for a long time. There should be one more single coming but we’re trying to make sure that people are hungry enough,” she says “So I’ll have them smell the food a little so that by the time the album is coming, they’ll want to listen to everything.”
Trinah was part of Xploits together with Mutale Kapaso, Japhet Mulenga and Henry Mundia and did songs like “Chikulupililo”, “Epondi” and “Niyena”.

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