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Tribute to Stephen Chifunyise

STEPHEN Chifunyise was an indefatigable and voracious writer and leader of the theatre movement first in Zambia, second Zimbabwe and later in the global sphere.
I saw him as a theatre crusader who believed in the power of theatre to change the world. The more he got involved with theatre for development and later children’s theatre, the more he became expansionist and a regional theatre crusader.
The germ of his work was from Zambia, the country he came to when he was 12 years and from which he moved back to Zimbabwe, the country of birth when he was 33 years old. He did most things in Zambia and crossed to Zimbabwe as a youth. He had many years of active life as a writer and leader.
In his autographed book to me, he expressed gratitude. He wrote: “For your encouragement, support and guidance in the early Zambian theatre that moulded me and gave me a beginning in the world of theatre and academia. May this be interesting reading.”
From Zambia, he acquired his primary, secondary and university education. After graduating in English and CLICK TO READ MORE