Tribute to Chief Nyamphande

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu (second left) with government officials pay homage to the new Chief Nyamphande V during the burial of the late Erick Mwanza in Nyamphande, Petauke on January 22. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA/ STATE HOUSE

AROUND 17:00 hours, Jonathan Banda got a phone call informing him that Chief Nyamphande IV was sick.
“I asked them where they were, and I was told that they had started off for Petauke District Hospital. I then met them on the way and proceeded to the hospital,” Mr Banda, who is also Chief Nyamphande’s family spokesperson, narrates.
“Since I was following them behind, when I got to the hospital I found they had taken the chief into theatre. After 10 minutes, the doctor came out and said ‘Jonathan, the chief is dead’.”
The death of Chief Nyamphande IV, who was born Erick Festos Mwanza, was sudden.
Just like any other day, January 17 was going to be a usual day for Chief Nyamphande IV of the Nsenga of Petauke. He started the day with his usual routine – prayer before going on to interact with his family and subjects.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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