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Treasury bills remain attractive

GOVERNMENT, through Bank of Zambia (BoZ), has continued to maintain its borrowing limit of K2 billion from the domestic market through treasury bills despite strong appetite by investors who offered over K3 billion.
And prices of international commodities such as copper and crude oil have risen due to fear of supply disruption following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while the Kwacha is poised to depreciate further owing to inconsistent supply of United States (US) dollars on the Zambian financial market.
Last Thursday, a treasury bills auction to borrow K2 billion was conducted but it was oversubscribed to K3.003.52 billion.
According to auction results of treasury bills tender number four of 2022 released by the financial markets department at BoZ, investors offered K1.835.73 billion but only K1.137.23 billion was borrowed in the 364 days’ tenor while K150.11 million was gotten out of K274.03 million offered in the CLICK TO READ MORE