‘Treasure dumpsite waste to earn cash’

YOUTHS at Chunga dumpsite in Lusaka

‘ZAMBIANS need to be taught that any waste at a dumpsite is treasure. The coming up of a middle class entails more waste is expected to be generated,” Bright Future Project founder and chief executive Ngosika Onyekwelu has said.
Ms Onyekwelu, a local entrepreneur involved in the recycling of waste, said every piece of plastic, glass and paper on a dumpsite is money.
She however believes that investment in e-waste could create jobs for the locals while flooding the market with quality products.
Industry player Recyclemania Trading Limited managing director Harrison Musonda is equally of the view that dumping sites are a source of green jobs.
Mr Musonda, who is also the Waste Recyclers Association of Zambia (WRAZ) chairperson, said majority of youths and women are engaged in waste and recycling business along the value chain.
He said from the waste, the association is able to produce poly products, steel, carton boxes, as well as pipes.
Since 2012, Recyclemania Trading Limited has been collecting waste from dumpsites and CLICK TO READ MORE

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