Travellers’ cry at Mokambo, Chembe borders

SOME of the sex boosting concoctions displayed at Mokambo border post. PICTURE: ALVIN CHINGA

IT IS 14:00 hours on a Saturday afternoon and the sun is scorching hot at Mokambo border on both the Zambian and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) sides.
There is little difference between the way of life such as the language people use at the border from the Zambian and DRC sides.
The border is a beehive of activity: Customs officers from both countries are busy, clearing goods and vehicles that are transiting through the Pedicle Road.
Traders, mostly of Congolese origin, are seen with myriad goods. They sell chitenge material and skin-bleaching lotions, among others.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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