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‘Tragedy of Pride’ premieres at CAS

A FILM by Chingola-based artistes titled Tragedy of Pride premiered at Chingola Arts Society (CAS) last Friday at which the likes of Chingola business executive Matthew Nkhuwa and mayor Vilango Nyirenda were in attendance.
The over two-hour film by GFM Production Studios, which has a cast of 22, is centred on Milimo (Moses Chupa), who has refused to heed his parents’ advice not to marry a village girl by the name of Juliana.
Not even his uncle is able to convince him.
Instead, Milimo decides to go to town to live with his friend as he was not yet in employment. But while there, he starts leading a promiscuous life. His friend is not impressed and decides to chase him away.
With little choice, Milimo decides to go back to the village to see his parents, but before he could reach there, he meets Juliana (Helen Tembo), who tells him that she is happily married.
After realising that his mission is impossible, Milimo commits suicide in the Tragedy of Pride film, a must-watch movie, the production of various Chingola-based artistes.
In the film, Angela (Elizabeth Fitwishi), who was among Milimo’s multiple girlfriends, was one of the stand-out actresses.
The script for the film was written by Iran Munyu, whose scenes were shot within Chingola.
However, the film has poor sound in some episodes and some parts have poor picture quality, which needs to be worked on.
GFM Production Studios director Frank Mukuka accepted the grey areas in the production of the film and promised to improve the quality of work.
Meanwhile, Chingola deputy mayor Vilango Nyirenda has commended the artistes for coming up with a film, which he said will be competitive and find its niche on both local and international markets.

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