Letter to the Editor

Traffic police re-training welcome

Dear editor,
That 300 traffic police officers are undergoing a refresher course at Lilayi Police Training College is a welcome move but long overdue.

This section has been labelled as the most corrupt in the police service which appears to be targeting minibus and taxi drivers to enrich their pockets. Whether that is true or not, they themselves know the truth.
After this training we expect nothing less than great professionalism in the manner the traffic officers will conduct themselves on the road. Gone are the days when officers were chasing erring bus drivers at high speed to some extent even causing accidents. We don’t expect to see a horde of police officers on Ben Bella Road just for a few minutes without beacons.
We don’t expect to see police officers hiding behind trees to ambush speeding drivers in the name of speed traps. All we need is sanity and professionalism on the road. That aside, the world has gone digital and even criminals have gone digital, so it is imperative that regularly officers go for refresher courses as most of these men and women were trained under the police service. In fact, the entire curriculum needs to be revised to meet the challenging ICT crimes.

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