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Traffic police officers

Dear editor,
IT SEEMS the mindset of some traffic police officers will never change.  If you really want to see corruption, you can see it with some of these officers.
Our mistakes on the roads turn to be their joy. They don’t know how to warn or even caution.  All they see in you is money no matter what!  And you just have to give them.
This was the case for me when one police-woman of Lusaka impounded my car at Chibolya School junction and harassed me.
She took me to a congested city market where driving proved to be difficult.  All she wanted from me was just a K100 and no receipt was issued.
Even without taking me to the City market, I would have produced that K100, than treating me like a foreigner in my own country. Those that have gone to City market will agree with me that the place is really very congested and it is not even fit to accommodate the traffic police department.
Woman, thank you for that harassment but one day God will embarrass you as well.

S M Chanda