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Traditional leader testifies in court

A TRADITIONAL leader of Kapiri Mposhi has told the Kabwe High Court how a 39-year-old man charged with murdering his mother-in-law allegedly threatened to commit suicide if he refused to hide him in his house.
Headman Chibuyundi was testifying before High Court judge Elita Mwikisa on Monday in a case in which Stanley Chimfule of Chapala village in Chief Chipepo’s area is charged with the murder of Eunice Zilungu.
Chimfule allegedly murdered Ms Zilungu on October 26 last year.
“I told him not to do so (commit suicide) and advised that we call the policeto which he agreed.
“I called the police immediately and I explained to them what Chimfule had told me, and they questioned him about the murder of Ms Zilungu and he admitted responsibility,” headman Chibuyundi said.
He testified that on November 3 last year, Chimfule visited his house and sought refuge.
Headman Chibuyundi said Chimfule allegedly confessed that he had killed someone.
“I did not know him but I told him I know Mr Chimfule in Chapala village and I welcomed him in my house and he asked me if we could have a private conversation and I agreed.
“Chimfule told me that he had killed someone in his area,” headman Chibuyundi said
He testified that he got scared after Chimfule confessed that he had murdered Ms Zilungu.
Headman Chibuyundi testified that Chimfule told him he had been searching for shelter and he wanted him to hide him in his house.
He said Chimfule threatened to commit suicide if he refused to accommodate him.
Headman Chibuyundi said Chimfule was later apprehended by the police and taken to Kapiri Mposhi Police station.
Another witness, Alice Phiri, 28, testified that on October 25 last year, she heard people talking near her house.
Ms Phiri said she later heard a person was crying that she was dying.
“I went to see the person who was crying and found my aunt lying on the ground. I asked her what the matter was and she said she had been beaten by my brother-in-law.
“I lifted her and I saw Chimfule coming with a stick, I ran away and he started chasing me saying he who would kill anyone who tried to help Ms Zulungu,” Ms Phiri said.
Ms Phiri said she screamed for help while she ran from Chimfule and she met someone on the way and explain why she was running.
“We went back and found my aunt lying on the ground with a swollen face and Chimfule was hiding.
“My aunt was not talking at that moment when we reached there and we picked her up and took her to my house so we could take her to the clinic. Chimfule came to the house and he was apprehended by the man who was helping me but he later ran away,” Ms Phiri said.
Ms Phiri said she and the man took Ms Zilungu to Lukanga clinic but she was referred to Kabwe General Hospital because her condition was critical.
“My aunt died on the way to the hospital,” Ms Phiri said
Mrs Justice Mwikisa adjourned the case tomorrow for continued trial.

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