Traditional conflicts hindering development, says Inonge


ACTING President Inonge Wina says Government is concerned that conflict among traditional leaders is hindering development in chiefdoms and affecting peace and unity among the people.
Mrs Wina called for unity amongst traditional leaders in Zambia.
Mrs Wina, who is Vice-President, said Government is aware of the conflicts among traditional leaders and that this friction is adversely affecting peace and unity as well as hindering development in chiefdoms.
She said it is important for unity to prevail in chiefdoms for development to take place.
Mrs Wina was speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Chief Kalunga of Kabompo district on Saturday.
“Government is aware of the deplorable state of most feeder roads in the country and I assure their Royal Highnesses that all the feeder roads will be worked on before the end of this year,” Mrs Wina said.
She said the Patriotic Front (PF) government under President Lungu’s leadership wants to ensure that all feeder roads in the country are improved.
Mrs Wina said Government has procured equipment for the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to work on feeder roads countrywide.
Chief Kalunga is concerned about the poor state of feeder roads in his chiefdom, especially the one leading to his palace.
The traditional leader said the poor state of feeder roads in Kabompo is hindering development.
Chief Kalunga thanked Mrs Wina for visiting the district and implored Government to quickly address the challenges that people in the area face.
He also said his subjects are solidly behind the PF government as evidenced by the number of councillors who have won elections on the ruling party ticket in Kabompo.
And Mrs Wina has said Government would soon announce the new contractors engaged to complete works on various infrastructure development projects in the newly created Manyinga district.
Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Sikufele of Manyinga district on Saturday, Mrs Wina said Government is concerned by the slow pace at which infrastructure development projects in Manyinga district are progressing.
“As Government, we are concerned with the pace at which these projects are moving and that was why some contracts were terminated,” she said.
Mrs Wina said delays in the completion of development projects in Manyinga district are affecting effective service delivery to the people.
She said Government will consider Manyinga district when engaging new contractors to complete outstanding infrastructure development projects.
Mrs Wina also urged traditional leaders to embrace the newly created Ministry of National Development Planning to identify productive social and economic activities in their respective chiefdoms.
She cited agriculture, cattle rearing, bee-keeping and fish farming as some viable ventures that the traditional leaders can promote in their respective chiefdoms to enhance economic activities.
And Senior Chief Sikufele said he is saddened to learn that Heroes Construction Company, the contractor engaged to build a police station in Manyinga, has abandoned works at foundation level.
The traditional leader is also concerned about the lack of accommodation for civil servants in Manyinga, especially for police officers.
Mrs Wina assured the traditional leader that all the works on the ongoing projects in Manyinga will be completed once Government engages new contractors.

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