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Traders missing cash from mushrooms, inswa

THE prolonged dry spell has deprived informal traders of income from wild edible and seasonal foods like mushrooms and flying ants locally known as inswa, a survey has revealed.
Normally, by this time of the year, markets and other selling points are usually flooded with mushrooms and edible insects like inswa, thereby increasing incomes of informal traders.
A check by the Business Mail at Soweto and City markets, including the central business district found mushrooms and inswa were not in sight.
Traders usually rake in huge sums of money from the sale of the two wild edible and seasonal foods that are highly sought after by clients.
At the onset of the rainy season, a heap of mushroom can fetch K50 and in some cases even K70 but as the rains set, the price drops to K30 and below.
As for the inswa, these are a cheaper source of proteins and iron, highly recommended by health practitioners as good for CLICK TO READ MORE