Letter to the Editor

Tourism has potential to bring forex

Dear editor,
TOURISM is one of Zambia’s economic sectors besides agriculture, manufacturing and mining among others.
Our country is in dire need of development, and as such, there is need to explore many opportunities both locally and abroad. The best thing to do is to explore sectors such as tourism, for instance.
However, tourism is one sector which is viable.
If properly harnessed, it can bring the much-needed foreign exchange from tourists visiting the country.
In view of the above, the government through the Ministry of Tourism should lure as many tourists as possible. This can be realised by providing incentives to the potential tourists.
If truth be told; it is this one: Zambia has many tourist attractions especially in remote parts of the country.
Victoria Falls, Kafue National Park, Sumbu National Park, Luangwa National Park and Moto Moto museum are some of the beautiful sites which can attract tourists from across the world.
Ultimately, foreign exchange can contribute to gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. In the long run, people’s wellbeing will improve as a matter of fact.
Over and above anything else, tourism has the potential to bring foreign exchange to the country and this should be harnessed.

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