Toofan lit showgrounds

TOOFAN on stage.

FOR those in Lusaka who did not feel like taking in Congolese musician Fally Ipupa on Independence Eve, there was still plenty of options within the capital city with the major one being the fireworks display at the Lusaka Polo Club where Togolese duo Toofan were the main act.

Known for songs like Gweta, Ma Girl and the more recent Tere Tere, the show was always going to attract some major following particularly among those who are not rhumba freaks.
Toofan’s fans had to wait until 23:00 hours for their performance. But ask those who were in attendance, and they have few regrets. In any case, the event was like an Independence Day countdown.
There were different acts lined-up for the night including DJ El Mukuka, DJ VJeezy and DJ Hussein.
That was just in terms of the disc jockeys.
Urban Hype, Mampi, Chef 187 and Slap D were also part of the menu.
Before the main acts, Urban Hype, a Zambian trio, managed to capture the audience with their live music. In fact, they are the only ones to have performed live music. You have got to give them credit in an industry where you have so many singers masquerading as musicians.
Urban Hype performed Champaign, Touch and Go and Skele, which are all hit songs among their urban fans.
Thereafter, it was time for Mampi, who is just fresh from a performance in Zimbabwe where she impressed the audience with her performance. Ever lively, she was always going to be a big attraction at the Polo Club. And she was, particularly in the company of her dancing queens who were a big draw for the audience with their sexy dances.
Around 22:00 hours, Chef 187, a favourite for many music fans right now, took over and made the audience even more hyper with performances of songs like Junta, Amnesia, Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu, Mundowe Ndowe and Ma Years.
The master of ceremonies Roxy then introduced Slap D, who tends to enjoy a lot of support in Lusaka than perhaps Macky II and Chef 187. True to form, when Roxy introduced him at the Polo Club, there was more applause for him than any other artiste. Maybe, the audience was a little tipsy by then.
Whatever the case, Slap D performed songs like Nomba Ninshi, Ndine Chikali, Kuichaila, Vagwada and Somone, which originally features Mumba Yachi.
With that, the stage was truly set for Toofan.
That is what the fans were waiting for throughout the night.
At exactly 23:00 hours, the energetic Toofan took to the stage in stripped T-shirts with their two dancing kings in camouflage attire.
At that moment, everyone in the audience was on their dancing feet as the duo performed their Togolese dance moves. As they say, music overcomes so many barriers, and the fact that they are from a French-speaking country, did not in any way stand in their way with their adoring Zambian fans.
Oh, these guys, they were even able to do some kopala dance towards the end of their performance.

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