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Too much Zee World, hubby laments

A KITWE husband has lamented before the Kamfinsa Local Court how his wife’s negligence cost the life of their four-year-old child who was burnt to death in an inferno when their house caught fire while she was away at their neighbour’s house watching series on Zee World.

Mukuka Zimba, 27, has sued her husband Bezel Zulu of 10 years for divorce on grounds that he did not support his family financially. They have two children together.

Zulu has denied the allegations levelled against him by his wife and instead accused her of being an irresponsible woman, who costed the life of their child.
He said his wife is so irresponsible such that he leaves the children unattended too and that one day when she was watching Zee World at their neighbour’s house, their house caught fire and ..

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