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Too good to be true, it was a lie

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
SHE was a young, intelligent, beautiful young woman.
All she wanted was a man to appreciate her for who she was.
She met a man who swept her off her feet.
Her past relationships were disappointments and all she wanted was to settle down and start a family.
She met a man who was too quick to meet her family. To her, that was a sign of a serious man who was ready to settle down. Whenever she had a problem, he was quick to come to her aid. This ranged from him taking care of her rentals to ensuring that her car usually had a full tank. His salary was her disposable income.
Months down the line, she was on top of the world until she was hit by a message from a woman demanding that she stays away from the man as he was married. Her knees went cold, she asked so many questions. She had been to his house so many times, how could he have been a married man? Where was his wife all the times she visited?
When she confronted the man, he claimed she was only the mother of his two children and that their relationship ended way before he met her. She believed him and the two love birds continued.
The other woman did not relent and the next message was from an elderly woman who explained that her son was a married man and that the latest catch better stay away. The man still convinced his latest catch that the other woman was simply desperate.
She was now being bombarded with messages and calls from the man’s wife such that she began to believe that there was some truth in what she was saying. What she did not appreciate was that the other woman was vulgar.
She then decided to carry out her own investigations and learnt that indeed the man was living with someone and her dreams of a happy life ever after were shattered. She would have respected the man if he had come out clean and left it to her to decide whether or not she wanted to jump into the fire instead of painting a picture perfect man.
It was not easy to withdraw from him, especially that he took care of her, both financially and emotionally. Today when she reflects, she realises that it was all too good to be true. The whole relationship was a lie.
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