Letter to the Editor

Toll gate fees

Dear editor,
I WISH to appeal to the Road Development Agency to channel part of the toll gate fees they are collecting onour highways to construct at least two in-roads in Meanwood Kwamwena.
This will alleviate the suffering of the residents in this area as they incur huge expenses in car maintenance as a result of driving on impassable roads everyday to and fro.
Minibuses shun this area and residents from phase 3 and 4 without vehicles have to walk a stretch of 2 to 3 kilometres to get to the nearest bus-stop at Mutumbi.
Just two main roads of less than 10 kilometres to cut across the area would be a great relief to bring about other developments like schools, clinics, shopping malls and other social amenities.
The revenue gain for Government once this area is fully developed cannot be over-emphasised.

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