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Tolerant hubby sends violent wife packing

HE WOULD always lie to his employers about why his face was usually scarred.  He either fell or his children bruised him. Little was it known that his wife was beating him up.
The garden boy, dedicated to his job, would have his salary taken away by his wife who would go drinking.
The wife is not one of those compassionate women who would feel for their children. To her, alcohol was priority.
As is usually the case, relatives continued to counsel the couple hoping that the woman would change.
For convenience, I will call the couple Jane and Bruce.  Bruce was very hard-working and ensured that he did everything to provide for his family.
Bruce was a very tolerant man. He rarely reacted whenever Jane got drunk and became violent. He tolerated his wife’s behaviour hoping one day she would change.
He would time and again give her money to start up a business but all Bruce’s efforts were in vain.
Instead of investing the money into business, Jane preferred to go drinking. She spent money meant for food on a beer.
There were times when Bruce would go away for a few days to employers’ farm on the outskirts of Lusaka and leave Jane with money to sustain her and the children in his absence.
The minute he left, Jane would take the children to thier neighbours and head to the nearest bar with no care whether or not the children had eaten.
Sometimes she would disappear for the equal amount of days her husband would be away and only return a day before or the actual day, only earlier.
Neighbours were tired of talking about her behaviour and how she neglected her children, especially when her husband was away.
Besides being abusive towards her husband, Jane would also physically and verbally abuse her two children.
To the children, they did not see a mother in her.  It was a  nightmare for the children when Bruce was away.
Bruce tried sending Jane to her family for counselling but all in vain.
Eventually, the only option for him turned out to be the courts of law where he sued for divorce.
Jane could not believe that Bruce would go to such lengths and pleaded with him for another chance.
But Bruce had enough and he could not take it anymore.  His tolerance had been pushed too far.
Jane probably thought Bruce’s tolerance was a sign of weakness when in fact not.
Jane now has all the freedom she so much desired as custody of the children has been given to Bruce.
She wishes Bruce had not sued for divorce but she took his patience for granted.
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