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Toilet gift boosts learners’ morale

IMAGINE you are pressed, but all there is for you to answer the call of nature is a dilapidated, door-less pit-latrine made of used mealie meal sacks – not timber, bricks or blocks.
The only ‘door’ to cover you from the sight of passers-by is another transparent, loosely hanging used mealie-meal sack which flaps open as the wind blows unabated.
This is the pit-latrine that you, as a schoolboy or girl, depends on every day, week, month and year as long as you are at school, and you have no other option.
So, as a school child you are caught between a rock and a hard place deciding whether to stay put and avoid the open toilet, or damn the inevitable shame and just do it, anyway.
And, if you are a young girl who has attained puberty and have to attend menstrual requirements every month while at school, then you have to go to that same pit-latrine, transparent and unhygienic as it is CLICK TO READ MORE