Letter to the Editor

Tired civil servants must resign

Dear editor,
FOR a long time the public and our leaders have been talking about the bad work culture in the civil service.
This has been negatively affecting service delivery.
Surely, why should people report for work at 09:00hours, instead of 08:00hours? Why prolong lunch hour from 13:00hours to 15:00hours and knock off early?
More often than not, citizens seeking services of these inept civil servants are made to wait or go the following day.
Those who feel they are tired to work for the civil service must resign now.
After all, thousands of potential people are roaming the streets and can take up those jobs.
In schools it is the same, teachers report at 08:00hours when the first lesson starts at 07:30 hours.
Do such teachers have the time to conduct roll call in their classes? The child in class is also affected by that 30 minutes lost.
It’s high time the inputs were done by head teachers so that late-comers lose part of their wages.

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