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Tips for wet weather

THE rainy season is almost here and, therefore, I am going to share tips on what to wear in hot and rainy weather.
Many people are confused about which type of outfits to wear during the rainy season.
You need to pay extra attention to your clothes during the rainy season.
Some prefer to wear worn-out dresses so that new ones do not get stained.
To protect yourselves and your clothes from the rain, wear clothes that go below the knees.
Stay away from silks, and try to stick to cotton as much as possible. Cotton doesn’t dry fast but it keeps you cool.
Linen is the best because apart from keeping you cool, it dries fast.
Avoid whites in the rainy season as chances of staining your clothes are very high.
I am sure most of you ladies have experienced a situation where you are walking and a car splashes muddy water at you.
Such incidents are very common in the rainy season so to avoid them, wear florals or dull colours.
Although raincoats and umbrellas are synonymous to the rainy season, you can make them exciting and at the same time fashionable so that they give you a little fun and help you look good, too.
Shoes are also not easy to choose as chic and desirable waterproof footwear is really hard to come by.
During the rainy season, it is better to stay away from your stilettos or heels and work more with boots that can be knee-high or shorter, but must have the capacity to save you and your lower legs from getting spoiled and dirty.
However, rubber slippers are also useful during this time.
Do not ever wear your leather shoes or sandals, as they will get completely spoiled.
Therefore, as the rainy season starts, prepare adequately for it.
Have a blessed weekend.
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