Letter to the Editor

Time to work is now

Dear editor,
IT WAS interesting to see a huge turnout during the just ended general elections. Zambians must be saluted for exercising their civic duties responsibly.
We may have been divided by our political opinions but at the end of the day we need to co- exist and channel our energies towards developing this nation.
As individuals now we need to translate our political party slogans into work. For those who were using the ‘Sonta’ slogan we need to see your deeds which you can point at as your contribution to national development. Those who were using ‘forward’ we want to see how forward you will take the development of this nation from the individual level.
It is time to look at what we are capable of doing to develop this country and not what the government will do for us.
Zambia has continued to lag in development for a long time. Only hard-working citizens will help this country to develop and not political rhetoric. Time to work is now.

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