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Time heals a broken heart

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
HE CHEATED on her one too many times but even then, she found it in her heart to forgive him. But one can only tolerate so much. She realised that the man had taken her kindness for granted. He knew that even if he hurt her feelings, she would forgive him.
The final straw that broke the camel’s back was when a woman she thought was her boyfriend’s cousin was actually one of his many girlfriends.
One day she found herself in the same area where the ‘cousin’ lived and she traced her home. She took it for granted that obviously, by mere introduction, the other woman would know who she was. She felt she would surprise her yet-to-be sister-in-law but the surprise was on her. The boyfriend always talked about his ‘cousin’ and how he looked forward to the two meeting.
She went to the front door and a woman welcomed her. Though she was welcomed, the other woman had questions on her face as if wondering who this was at her front door.
When the two women were comfortably seated, the visitor, who I shall call Jane for convenience, introduced herself to Mwape, the name I shall also use for convenience.
Jane began to explain how she had heard about Mwape from her boyfriend adding that from what she gathered, Mwape and her boyfriend were more like siblings and not cousins. Mwape’s jaw dropped and quickly chipped in to correct Jane that the man in question was not her relative but boyfriend and that the two had been dating for over five years. Mwape told Jane that the man had never made mention of Jane.
Feeling angry, bitter and betrayed, Jane apologised and walked away crestfallen. She did not know whether to cry or to call the cheater and give him a piece of her mind.
Her conclusion was that it was not worth it. The man had taken her love for granted to a point where he walked in and out of her life whenever he felt like.
For days on end, she cried herself to sleep, wondering what she had done to deserve such treatment from a man she had committed herself to.
What was worse was that the man never even made an appearance to give his side of the story. She felt at least that was going to make a difference but the man never showed.
They say time is the greatest healer. It’s now been six months and Jane takes a day at a time as she walks away from the man who broke her heart.
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