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Ties more than add-on

LEARNING to match your shirts and ties is an art that you can learn. Every man out there has to know the basics of how to match a shirt with a tie for that smart and elegant look.
Generally, we have a good number of men who pull this off very well and look very smart, but we also have those that pick and match shirts with any tie, regardless of how it looks.
When matching shirts and ties, first pick the right scale and make sure your collar and tie are in proportion to each other.
Matching solid colours is easy but combining colours is a way to go if you want to add some character to your outfit. If you want to live a little, then checkered shirts combined with a checkered tie is a sure way to make sure you stand out from a crowd. What is so risky about this look is just how easy it is to get it all wrong.
It is safe to say at least almost all men who attempt this look crash and burn. So how do you do it right?
First, you have to make sure you are always wearing a smaller checkered pattern on your shirt than your tie. Remember to pair large patterns with smaller ones.
It is also important that you pay attention to colours and choose a similar colour scheme for both the tie and shirt.
For more adventurous men, it is easy for them to match different patterned shirts and ties.
It is amazing to see what fantastic and elegant combinations they usually come up with, even when the tie and shirt have completely different patterns.
So, if your shirt has a small pattern, then make sure to wear a tie with a larger one and vice versa. You do not even have to worry much about keeping to the same colour family if the shirt is in a neutral colour like black, grey or white, although you will probably find it easier to match the shirt and tie if the shirt is a coloured one.
One piece of advice: I am not so sure about the suggestion to always wear a tie darker than your shirt (what if you are wearing black?), but otherwise, these tips could help you avoid looking like an optical illusion.
I think now we are ready to start the mix and matching game!
Have a blessed weekend.
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