Letter to the Editor

Those who’ve lost certificates not ‘careless’

Dear editor,
I WISH to respond to Mr Charles Mubambe‘s letter that was written in support of the K900 charged by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) as a school certificate replacement fee.

"This is a deliberate fee against careless people,” Mr Mubambe wrote.
Truth be told, people in their right frame of mind cannot lose a treasured possession due to carelessness.
Other circumstances beyond human control make people lose such documents.
Many have lost precious documents in various ways.
For example, we hear of houses being gutted, people being attacked while looking for jobs and their documents stolen or destroyed, among other unexpected happenings.
In as much as he can afford that amount, he should also remember that, as a country, we are experiencing high levels of unemployment, low salaries/ wages and many other challenges.
It is therefore not fair to refer to those who have lost their precious documents as being ‘careless’.
On the school certificate replacement fee, I would request ECZ to reduce it as the amount is too high for many poor Zambians.

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