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Those alleging wrongs against AK ignorant, bitter

Dear editor,
THE CAF congress in 2017 resolved to pay all FA presidents US$20,000 per year as allowances for attending all CAF meetings in each year.
All payments are done through FAs but some presidents were paid directly into their personal accounts. These are the ones under question.
These payments to FA presidents have nothing to do with the Puma deal which the CAF president is answering to in France because the companies involved are French companies being investigated for corruption and money laundering.
People may wish to recall that some FIFA officials were arrested in America as a result of Department Of Justice jurisdiction in America because the money laundered passed through the American banking system.
FA presidents’ accounts are audited and any person in doubt is free to check with the auditors if they deem it necessary. Those alleging wrongs against FAZ president Andrew Kamanga are not only ignorant but bitter persons.

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