Friday, January 8, 1993
By Mail Reporter
ORDINARY Lozis have been advised to stop commenting on the on-going wrangle and issue of the Barotse agreement as doing so would spoil the Ngambela’s case against the government, a Lozi loyalist said in Livingstone yesterday.
Mr George Akufuna grandson of the late former Ngambela of Western Province , Mr Mufaya Mumbuna said only the Ngambela, the government ministerial committee, lawyers for the Lozis and parliament could comment on the issue.
Mr Akufuna who is also the Livingstone MMD publicity and information secretary but speaking in his individual capacity appealed to the Ngambela to stop the Livingstone “Disco boys” (the Lozi interim committee which met in Livingstone last week) from spoiling the case.

Tuesday, January 12, 1993
By Mail Reporter
Chikankata Member of Parliament Joshua Lumina, who was reported to have died is alive, cabinet office announced yesterday.
A spokesman said Mr Lumina was expected back from South Africa where he had gone for medical treatment.
The spokesman said Mr Lumina had been discharged from a South African hospital where he was admitted.

Thursday, January 8, 1998
By Mwenya Nanyangwe
Detained UNIP president Kenneth Kaunda yesterday claimed in a Lusaka high court that over 250 paramilitary officers surrounded Kalundu house on Christmas day when he was picked in connection with the October 28, 1997 failed coup.
Testifying in a heabus corpus hearing before high court Judge James Mutale, Kaunda told the court that he was awakened by one of his security men at 04:30 hours who knocked at his window signalling to him that his house had been surrounded.
Kaunda 73, a peasant farmer of house number 10972, Kalundu township, Lusaka said he told his security man to tell the police officers to wait for him and seek audience with his lawyers.

Monday, January 10, 2000
By Patson Phiri
MOTORISTS will soon start paying for parking their vehicles in the city centre, Lusaka Mayor Patricia Newa said yesterday, companies situated on Cairo road will have to buy or rent permanent parking areas, the move is aimed at decongesting the town centre.
Ms Newa said the council would take the move as soon as modalities were finalised.
She said failure to find parking places would attract a fee from council officials and that the charge would be hourly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000
By Kay Mumba
AT LEAST 15 UNIP members in Ndola yesterday sustained injuries during a free-for-all punch-up between supporters of party president Kenneth Kaunda and those loyal to national chairman Malimba Masheke.
General Masheke’s coordinator for the Copperbelt, Enos Kawimbe was among those injured after he was thrown over a wall fence at the UNIP provincial offices.
Cadres had gathered at the officers to attend a meeting which was supposed to be addressed by UNIP administrative secretary Basil Kabwe.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003
By Patson Phiri and Thomas Zyambo
NITROGEN Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) finance manager Charles Phiri and purchasing and materials manager John Makungu have been suspended with immediate effect.
Acting chief executive Imasiku Liayo asked Mr Makungu to stay away from work to facilitate investigations into the alleged irregularities in the NCZ procurement procedures.
“You are to stay in Kafue during this forced leave as you may be called by the said committee at short notice to testify,” Mr Liayo said in his letter to Mr Phiri.
Thursday, January 9, 2003
By Muziya MutungwA
SEVEN people including secretary to the treasury David Diangamo and former Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) managing director, Samuel Musonda, have been arrested and jointly charged with 59 counts of abuse of office and theft by public servant involving an amount close to K 60 billion.
Police service spokesperson Brenda Muntemba confirmed the development last night saying the seven would appear in court today.
The others are former secretary to the treasury James Mtonga, former Zambia Security Intelligence Services director general Xavier Chungu and his former deputy Yotam Zulu, former ZANACO deputy managing director George Mwambazi and former chief economist at the ministry of finance Bede Mpande.

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