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There is no debate over Sven’s departure

Dear editor,
REMARKS by Minister of Sports Moses Mawere that the debate about Sven, the Chipolopolo head coach, must come to an end can’t just pass with no reaction.
I wish to thank Mr Mawere for taking his time in advising the nation and soccer fans, in particular, to stop debating Sven’s departure. However, the minister did not give any tangible reason as to why soccer fans must end the debate.
In view of the above, I wish to state that as at now, there is no debate over Sven. It is the Ministry of Sports and Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) which are sparking the alleged debate for their failure to abide by the terms of the contract signed between FAZ and the Belgian in June.
The writing on the wall is clear and Andrew Kamanga (FAZ president) told the nation that Sven was given a short-term contract, whose terms of reference included qualifying the Chipolopolo to the 2019 African Nations Cup in Cameroon.
With one game remaining, Sven has failed to deliver, as the contract was performance-based. As far as Zambians, who are taxpayers, are concerned, Sven has failed and so there is no need to renew his contract. Unless Mr Kamanga has doctored the contents of the contract, with due respect, Sven has failed and so he must leave.
There is no debate. The fact is in black and white, the contract was performance-based and his last game against Namibia is a formality.
Mr Kamanga should not betray soccer fans any more by breaching the contract because even him (Kamanga) has become unpopular after scoring a brace of back-to-back, failing to qualify for AfCON since 1964.
So with due respect to the minister and the FAZ president, they should not extend Sven’s contract as doing so is merely adding more injury to the soccer fraternity. Sven must go and we shall never be quiet.