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The PF/UPND ceasefire welcome, but…

Dear editor,
HISTORIANS will agree with me that one of the causes of the Second World War was the weak peace treaty signed by the League of Nations and the warring nations.One of the conditions was that there was to be no war for 21 years, after the end of the First World War.
Yes, after the 21 years elapsed, in 1939, Germany, under Adolf Hitler, waged war against Poland.
This did not go well with England and France, who jointly attacked Germany and eventually the Second World War started.
In view of the above, the peace accord agreed upon between the ruling PF and opposition UPND to end political violence is welcome.
But this has the potential for sparking violence since other political parties are free to engage in violent activities as they were excluded from the peace treaty.
It is said that still waters run deep and so it doesn’t mean that these other political parties can’t be violent because they seem to be humble.
I, therefore, ask Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo and UPND leaders to call an indaba for all political parties to sign an agreement to end violence before, during and after 2021elections.
Don’t take peace for granted