Letter to the Editor

The Kalusha, Kamanga CAF nomination puzzle

Dear editor,
THE recent arrest, detention and investigation of CAF president Ahmad Ahmad in Paris by French police on allegation of corruption make sad reading.
The allegation that he ordered the CAF Secretary General to pay US$20,000 payments into accounts of African Football Association presidents is food for thought by the so-called FAZ Ethics Committee and ACC (Anti- Corruption Commission).
FAZ president Andrew Kamanga must come out clean and the FAZ executive committee must probe the issue to the fullest unless they are part of the deal as well. If there is some aorta of truth in the story, then we will no doubt conclude the stubbornness and insistence of Kamanga’s desire for the CAF Committee position, because we would have judged that he received some bribe
US$20,000 landing into one’s personal account is no small money
Did Kamanga put a blind eye to the US$20,000 payment? Or he just wanted to act as a spoiler and not allow Great Kalu to stand?
Kamanga, if it turns out to be true, history will be the merciless judge of your misdeed.
Please clear your name now.

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