Letter to the Editor

NRFA owes motorists decent service at toll gates

Dear editor,
THE National Road Fund Agency should quickly work on the Great North Road stretch at Munyumbi where their own toll gates have been built.
For months now, the stretch just after the tollgates (assuming you are travelling towards Kapiri Mposhi) is closed and motorists are forced to deviate into a bumpy and dusty road.
This is just a few metres from the tollgate from which the NRFA has been collecting millions of Kwacha. It is disappointing to a motorist who has just paid a fee to drive straight into the dust road.
One would actually feel cheated out of their hard-earned Kwacha. As a motorist, I wonder why the stretch has not been reconstructed. Of course I know that there is supposed to be a plaza of some kind but that should not delay the works.
Even the tollgates themselves look like just a joke. In fact, some traffic lights have permanently gone off on one of the lanes. Can NRFA management deal with the matter because the agency is collecting quite a huge amount on a daily basis.
Motorists cannot be bathing in dust just after paying. We need better service, please!

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