Letter to the Editor

Thanks Mr President for quick response to cholera outbreak

Dear editor,
KUDOS to President Lungu and his administration for responding swiftly to the cholera outbreak.

Your timely and bold intervention has been extremely prudent, saving many lives that could have succumbed to the deadly cholera.
The sanity that has returned to Lusaka following the deployment of defence and security wings is a marvel. This is what the ‘garden City of Lusaka’ should be.
My plea Mr President is that this must not be a temporary situation but be maintained.
The major reasons for the situation we find ourselves in vis a viz cholera outbreaks are well known.
They include uncontrolled vending, trading in undesignated places and disregarding laws with impunity.
It is not a secret Mr President that political expedience has led to the wanton disregard of the law.
Under the guise of being party cadres, many people are wilfully breaking and disregarding the law.
It is common to see a PF flag in markets and bus stations where people are using the guise of being party cadres to break or disobey the law.
Please, may your administration demonstrate the resolve to uphold the rule of law and enforce regulations effectively.
It is for the good of everyone, including to saying,
I am appealing to you to ensure that there is no return to these filthy makeshift markets.
They do not only pose health and traffic risks, they also create an impression of lawlessness which can deter the much needed foreign direct investment (FDI).

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