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Thank you President Lungu for promoting peace, unity


PRESIDENT Lungu’s commitment to peace and national unity is unquestionably encouraging, as it demonstrates that he is the sort of leader that has put a high premium on the two requisite elements of national development.
Students of history would agree that national unity has not been an easy condition for many leaders. Bringing people together for their common good has been but an uphill battle and a daunting task for them, more so in environments of unsparing and bitter political opposition.
To some extent, it has, in fact, been much easier for these rulers to concentrate almost exclusively on reinforcing their hold on power.
People who have justifiably proved extreme in opposing them have somehow been put on the periphery of national affairs participation.
Such people have been ignored to allow for programmes of governors to be implemented with some level of success.
It is against this backdrop that Mr Lungu’s great leadership qualities have shone.
Addressing a huge crowd that witnessed his swearing-in ceremony as sixth republican President and that of his Vice- President Inonge Wina at National Heroes Stadium last week and the rest of the nation, through a live telecast, Mr Lungu called for harmonious co-existence among the people of Zambia in their quest to develop the country that seems to have great economic prospects.
“It is our duty as citizens of mother Zambia to acknowledge that we are on this journey together, as guided by our national motto: One Zambia, One Nation,” the President said.
People are entitled to their own opinions, but for me, that is a rare mark of a great leader. From what I know, Mr Lungu has not only consistently preached peace and unity but he has also demonstrated his love of the two conditions.
Let us look at what he said in his inaugural speech about oneness among the people of Zambia, chiefly as it touched life after the August 11, 2016 elections.
“When the election season is over, there should be no winners and losers but we all must take away with us the valuable from the elections.
On my part, I have learnt that there is no time and latitude to settle old scores. We have got work to do,” he said.
The head of State is desirous of championing the well-being of Zambians whether they voted for him or not.
His personality of natural humility suits the requirements of his noble office – the presidency.
To lend credence to that, Mr Lungu told an exuberant mammoth crowd at National Heroes Stadium after being sworn in that he would visit Dundumwezi, a buzz word currently, to thank the 252 people that voted for him. Is that not gratitude?
The President of the people of Dundumwezi and the rest of Zambia is Mr Lungu, and so far, there appears enough enthusiasm among the people of this country to follow his leadership.
The President has shown that he is not vindictive. He has also made it clear that he loves all Zambians, preaching peace everywhere he goes.
In the absence of love, it is unthinkable for anyone to preach peace. People who hate do not preach peace, and anyone would understand why.
The reason is that love cannot share the same platform as hate. Let us see it another way; the Bible says that light and darkness cannot live together.
It therefore follows that those who preach peace, love and unity cannot be said to be the same as those who preach violence and division.
All that points to the fact that President Lungu is a great leader that Zambians should massively support.
As a scribe, there is no way I can operate outside of truth-telling or factuality. It is not possible because then you would stop buying news and my role would be rendered irrelevant in society.
So, what I have said about the President, based on the way he has handled his victory in the August 11, 2016 presidential election, is factual and actually true.
Equally, my comment is predicated on my experiential observation of political leaders.
President Lungu is doubtlessly a great leader with great leadership qualities and insights. It is also evident that he is a gifted leader and Zambia stands to benefit immeasurably from his leadership.
The Bible commands us to give respect to whom respect and honour is due. I have done that through this article, I hope you do the same also in your own way. Ciao!
The author is Zambia Daily Mail senior sub-editor

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