Letter to the Editor

Thank You Mr President

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your widely read newspaper to thank President Edgar Lungu for his astounding gesture to cut his salary by half for the benefit of our mother Zambia.
Mr President, Sir, we are proud of you and we thank God for giving us such a leader of rare qualities. You are a humble, forgiving and loving person.
These qualities are in sharp contrast with those of your opponents. Those of us who voted for you have been vindicated and we are very proud of you.
After your tenure of office, you will leave a lasting legacy of true statesmanship and it is up to the young generation to emulate you and look to you as a role model.
You have really shamed your critics, some of whom wanted to ascend to power not to serve but to share whatever they were going to find in the coffers.
We pray that God continues to give you wisdom to rule this country according to His will and that never will we have a tyrant of a leader in this Christian nation. May God bless you with long life.
May God continue to bless our motherland.

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