Thank you, but no


RAPPER Slap D had initially declined to perform at the GoodLife Events show dubbed “The Experience” in July that is expected to be headlined by Nigerian superstar Tekno over what he believed were low appearance fees.The show, to be held on July 28 at Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka, will feature other local acts like Macky II, Ruff Kid, Bobby East, Jae Cash, DJ Creejay and Onion and Greens Band among others.
Charges for the show have been pegged at K150 (pre-sale), K300 (at the gate), K500 (VIP pre-sale), K700 (VIP at the gate) and K1, 000 (VVIP).
In a series of tweets, Slap D explained the decision not to be part of the show.
“My lovely fans, thank you for supporting my stance on good fees for Zambian performers at our great events with guest artistes from outside the country. Let’s be clear not to make it about the invited artistes but our local promoters and mostly ourselves,” he tweeted.
“The idea is not to ‘wage wars’ with invited artistes rather to encourage local support and improved terms of service with our promoters. I do not wish to belittle those [who] choose to take the offers from promoters because our industry is a free market and so is Zambia!
“May I also add that I have no problem opening for any musician local or international provided our demands are met as per our contract. What is discussed between my team and promoters remains confidential unless compromised for different reasons.”
The award-winning rapper said he is in business like any other person, and he reserves the right to agree or not to the terms being offered by the promoters.
“I encourage you to keep supporting us and help us blossom into the superstars you would like us to be. If you look for negativity in us, you will find it but if you look past our bad and focus on our strengths, it shall be well,” he further tweeted.
“I am in no competition with anyone. I am just fighting to improve myself.”
Slap D had received support from fellow artistes and fans.
“Some artistes think they can deceive you by having their name on a banner every weekend when in the actual sense, it simply means they are too affordable. We want quality over quantity. Scarcity iwe! Well done Slap Dee!!! I pray that your courage will awaken the industry,” B’Flow tweeted.
Filmmaker Becky Ngoma added the reason why the arts fail to thrive in Zambia is because the industry allows multinationals and foreign artistes like Tekno to undervalue local artistes.
“The attitude is there even in other industries aside from art… the undervaluing of human capital in a nation is the doom of its development,” Becky wrote on her Facebook page.
“The money that Tekno makes off the Zambian market exits the Zambian economy, the money that Mwila ‘Slap D’ Musonda makes remains within the Zambian economy.
“Until we stop this colonised way of thinking we will never develop. The only person who knows the value of their art is the artiste. You all go to Chinese shops buying shoes that will last a week and you say nothing, yet a Zambian artiste tries to set the standard, and you all trash him.” Slap D later came to an agreement with the organisers, Goodlife Events, and is now expected to perform at the show.
“We as a promotional company are dedicated to making sure our industry grows and blossoms and see our artiste celebrated and respected both here and outside,” Goodlife chief executive officer Shawn said.
“We, as Goodlife Events, would like to announce that we have to an agreement with hip-hop artiste Mwila Musonda aka Slap D to

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