Letter to the Editor

Thank God we’re voting today

Dear editor,
IT IS shocking that most candidates are showing lack of understanding of local government operations under a highly centralised system of governance.‘I will do this and that…’ This is of interest to students of local government administration, public administration, political science and constitutional law.
Some are even forgetting that councils work through full council resolutions.
They think they will be in charge of unlimited funds, which they will be spending as they please.
Councils have a lot of challenges.
They need central government devolving powers and resources to them.
But the recent Auditor General’s report discussed in Parliament recently revealed serious abuse of resources by officials, so even Members of Parliament would be hesitant to give councils more powers and resources.
The other limiting factor is time – two-and-a-half years is not enough for one to perform miracles.
At most, one can only improve systems, reduce wastage of resources and illegal land allocation and attract some private investments.

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