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Tenant dragged to court for insulting woman

A LUSAKA landlady of Kuku township has dragged her 33-year-old tenant for compensation for insults.
Judith Lubasi, 48, told the Chawama local court senior magistrate Gaston Kalala that Dickson Banda hurled unprintables at her and her husband at their home in the presence of their son without any cause.
Lubasi said the incident happened two weeks ago at her home when Banda, from the same township went to see her around 15:00hours demanding for his slippers.
“I was confused because I had no idea what he was talking about. When I asked, he got upset and started insulting me. My husband who was having a nap at the time was awaken by the noise but he too was insulted,” she said.
Lubasi said the following day she decided to go and seek counsel from Victim Support Unit but Banda refused to appear when summoned.
Her witness Christopher Ziba, who is also her husband, said he does not understand why Banda had gone to insult them at their home because they had not argued with him.
He said even when they begged him to stop and simply explain what was bothering him Banda refused and continued with the insults.
But Banda, who denied insulting Lubasi and her husband, said it was he who had been insulted by the couple’s son for refusing to give him money so he could go and drink alcohol.
Banda said after that incident, Lubasi’s son took his slippers and threw them away for no reason.
“I did not insult them. They are the ones who have been treating me unfairly,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court after reprimanding Banda ordered him to pay Lubasi K800 as compensation to be paid in monthly instalments of K200.