Tele-medicine initiative starts today


A US$150,000 tele-medicine initiative, which will increase access to health services such as specialised medical care to resource-constrained rural areas, starts today at the Maina Soko Military Hospital in Lusaka.
The United States Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the United States Department of Defence supported project will run for a year before it is rolled out countrywide.
American International Health Alliance (AIHA) president David Greeley told journalists in Lusaka yesterday that the project is aimed at championing evidence-based clinical practices in rural areas and lack access to expert medical treatment or diagnosis.
AIHA is non-profit organisation working to advance global health by helping communities and nations with limited resources build sustainable institutional and human resource capacity.
And Global Partnership for Telehealth director for special projects Kelly Kesler said the technology will not only increase access to health services to rural communities but will also educate them on diseases.
Zamtel product manager Comfort Nyondo said the telecommunications company is working with the Ministry of Defence to ensure that there is reliable internet provision.
She said this will ensure that communication between health centres is not disrupted.
Ms Nyondo said the service being provided by Maina Soko Military Hospital is one way of saving lives and that it important for Zamtel to ensure that it provides required internet service without unnecessary interruptions.

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