Letter to the Editor

Teachers removed on payroll: Corruption doesn’t pay

Dear editor,
THE action taken by Government to remove teachers who forged certificates is commendable.

It is a strong reminder to those citizens who are in the habit of engaging in fraudulent activities that such does not pay.
To the teachers, after living a lie for so many years, what next? Probably most of these teachers solely depended on their jobs for income.
Now that the jobs have been taken away and income withdrawn some if not most of them may be relegated to destitution.
Some may end up in depression.
It is at this point that they need to ask themselves an honest question. Of what benefit is corruption? Yes, they may have gotten pay check for so many years but that cannot equate to the consequences they have started bearing. Apart from losing jobs, the chances are that they will end up in jail. Their children risk dropping out of school and their spouses taken by other men and women.
In short, their lives have been taken back to zero. It only proves that anything build on shaky foundation does not last. It is always better to use the right channels in building one’s career on the foundation of integrity no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is because it is only then that sustainability can be guaranteed.
As citizens, we are following this matter to its conclusion.
It is so far gratifying to note that Government is committed to ensuring that culprits do not get away with the crime.

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