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Teachers involved in sexual misconduct worrying

EIGHTY percent of male teachers in Zambia have involved themselves in sexual misconduct with female pupils, Teaching Service Commission chairperson Stanley M’hango has said.
Mr M’hango said Central Province has recorded the highest number of sexual misconduct cases among male teachers with Mkushi and Serenje districts recording the highest number of cases.
“We have a report from the Ministry of General Education that has indicated that 80 percent of male teachers have involved themselves in sexual misconduct,” Mr M’hango said.
“Female pupils who were interviewed accepted that they had canal knowledge with teachers,” he said.
Mr M’hango said last Friday during a meeting with district education board secretaries (DEBS) and other officials in the Ministry of General Education in Central Province that it is disturbing that cases of sexual abuse in schools are on the increase.
Mr M’hango said the Teaching Service Commission is also aware that many cases have not been reported in some areas, especially in Luapula and Central provinces.
“I have been informed that some teachers have been abusing female pupils but head teachers have decided not to report such cases,” Mr M’hango said.
He warned that the Teaching Service Commission will instantly dismiss teachers found guilty of having sexual relations with female pupils.
He also said head teachers who conceal cases of sexual relations between teachers and learners also risk being disciplined.
“District education board secretary for Mkushi, your district has recorded the highest number of teachers sexually abusing children,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr M’hango says absenteeism among teachers in the country will not be condoned, and those found wanting risk being dismissed.
“I have come to note that there is a lot of indiscipline in the teaching fraternity. Teachers want to absent themselves from school, yet they are getting paid,” he said.
He also said teachers who are underperforming will be disciplined because this negatively affects learners.

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