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Teachers who defile girls

WHEN parents send their children to school, they entrust the teachers with the responsibility of looking after the learners. Besides teaching, these teachers take up the role of guardian and are expected to take children under their wings by guiding them in a proper manner.
Children also look up to these teachers, who actually spend more time with them as compared to the time they spend with their parents.
That is why one cannot dispute the fact that teachers play an important role in moulding our children in society.
It is unfortunate, however, that some teachers have taken advantage of the trust that society has entrusted them with, by abusing the same children who look up to them.
Sadly, there have been reports of children being abused by teachers and mostly it is the girl-children.
Only last week, a 13-year-old grade seven pupil at Konkola Lower Primary School in Mazabuka was allegedly defiled by her deputy headteacher.
Besides being a parent, this headteacher is expected to lead other teachers, but it is disturbing that he is the one in the forefront coercing children into having sex with him.
The man, in his early 40s, allegedly defiled the pupil at his house on July 25 and July 26 this year and gave her an undisclosed amount of money so that she does not disclose the predicament to her parents.
Police are investigating the matter and the suspect is expected to appear in court soon.
It is disappointing for any teacher to be found abusing children at the expense of inculcating good morals in them.
Without any doubt, this minor who was defiled is among the several girls out there who have found themselves in a similar predicament but their cases go unreported.
Defilement is a very serious crime and teachers are the least  people society expects to engage in such activities.
We embrace the warning by Government to take punitive measures against teachers who are fond of having sex with school girls and impregnating them.
According to Minister of Gender and Child Development Inonge Wina, Government has introduced a new law that penalises male teachers who sexually abuse school girls.
Male teachers must regard all school girls as their daughters or sisters and not their sex partners or wives.
Government will no longer condone such behaviour from teachers. Reports of teachers abusing girls are disturbing and we are glad to note that Government has committed to ensure that such teachers are not allowed to practice.
Such teachers cannot be role models for youths in society. Girls should be allowed to grow into responsible citizens through a good education and not expose them to sexual activities.
Children are our future leaders and they should be protected at all costs and not be abused by teachers.
Teachers who are involved in such acts are not worth to be leading children, because their behaviour is criminal and because of their immoral minds, they take advantage of the minors’ naivety.
We totally support Government that if such teachers are found wanting, they will not be allowed to teach because, evidently, the profession is not their calling. They need not be among children.

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