‘Tea plantation needed in Milenge’

MILENGE district commissioner James Nyenjele has appealed to investors to consider establishing a tea and coffee plantation in the area which has about 400 hectares of land reserved for business ventures.

Mr Nyenjele said Milenge has plenty of arable land and water to support cultivation of coffee and tea.
He said the coffee and tea plantations can create a lot of job opportunities for the local people.
Mr Nyenjele said the traditional leaders in the district are ready to work with any investor willing to improve the lives of the people.
“We need investors here in Milenge to invest in coffee and tea plantations. We have plenty of land and enough water. Our soils are also fertile,” he said.
Mr Nyenjele also said 300 hectares of land has been reserved near the Mumbo-Tuta Falls for the establishment of a sugar plantation.
He said near the waterfalls, there is plenty of water, which supports the cultivation of sugar cane.


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