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Tax education seminars vital at community level

Dear editor,
OF LATE, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been urging people who have savings and other types of accounts in banks to apply for taxpayer identification numbers (TPINs).This move has raised many questions in the common man’s mind as to what the intentions of the authority are.
Needless to mention, the intentions are for the benefit of the national economy, which once improved through local revenue collection, would have a positive spill over effect to all the citizens.
Apart from asking people to call the advice centre (which many are not able to do) for issues pertaining to tax, our beloved brothers and sisters working for ZRA have a duty to go out in the field and educate the citizens on all the taxes they are expected to pay: withholding tax, value added tax, dividends from shares, etc. They should also educate people on the due dates for paying different types of taxes. I am certain that this proposal is not out of the capability of our revenue collectors.
Coupled with the above, ZRA should enforce the use of cash registers by all shops that sell goods which attract value added tax. Many hardware shops, grocery shops and restaurants, to mention but just a few, are cashing in on the ignorance of members of the public.
The Bible says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” ZRA, kindly go out to the lowest level of the community and educate the people. Your effort will surely pay off.
Kapiri Mposhi