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Taking Presidency closer to the people welcome

PRESIDENT Lungu’s decision to take a five-day working visit to the Copperbelt is a remarkable initiative as far as resolving the problems people are facing in the province and other parts of the country is concerned.
It is a move that merits our commendation and even that of many other Zambians, as it typifies what people have, by and large, observed about his nobble character; that he is a man of the people. It demonstrates that his heart is with the people of Zambia who are eager to rally behind a leader that would effectively lead them to prosperity.
The head of State is already on the Copperbelt where he received a thunderous welcome at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport on Thursday.
Copperbelt residents from all walks of life gathered at the airport to welcome him, a good number of them passionately flashing placards with words such as ‘United Street Vendors Foundation Co-operatives welcomes His Excellency King Edgar Lungu on the Copperbelt Province. Mr President, the province loves you’.
Those in doubt of that fact may only have to see our edition yesterday.
President Lungu said he wants to engage the people in tackling the problems they are facing, especially in view of what is happening in the mines owing to the poor performance of the dollar against the Kwacha and the fall in commodity prices on the international market.
“I am here to meet all those who have problems to discuss with them and find solutions because we all belong to this country, Zambia,” he said upon arrival.
“The mines have a lot of their challenges but we want to discuss with the mine owners over the laying off of workers if at all there will be any,” he said shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka `the same day.
It should be underscored that President Lungu is walking the talk by operationalising his words during campaigns for the presidential election early this year that he would be there for the people of Zambia, to work for them in addressing their socio-economic challenges and ultimately improving their socio-economic welfare.
This is encouraging, as it clearly demonstrates true leadership and we Zambians should never allow the temptation to underrate its value in national development.
By temporarily ‘shifting’ camp to the Copperbelt, the President has ‘devolved’ power and that gives rise to the spirit of ownership in the decisions that he and his Cabinet make at the end of the day among the people of Zambia. Essentially, that is what democracy is all about.
President Lungu has taken the institution of the Presidency closer to the people, we mean all people regardless of who they are, politicians or not. It is uplifting to note his own words about it.
“I am meeting all those political parties that are interested in meeting me. I am meeting all those labour leaders who are interested in meeting me. I am meeting all mining companies that are interested in meeting me and civil servants. I am throwing an open invitation to you [people],” he said.
On many occasions, President Lungu has hosted many critical stakeholders in our country’s development at State House to discuss pertinent national matters. As a matter of emphasis, he has had a meeting with chiefs from different regions of the country.
Now he himself is being ‘hosted’ by the people. As a good leader, he has followed them where they are resident to interface with them on national development challenges with a view to finding lasting solutions, which we can never doubt knowing his resolve to address anything negatively affecting the people of Zambia.
We salute the President for the rare leadership initiative not only in mother Zambia but the all of Africa, if not the world. In doing so, we do not ignore the sincere desire developing in the hearts of many in different parts of the country to have a similar visitation.
Do not worry, he is on his way.