Letter to the Editor

Take presidential orders seriously

Dear editor,
I WRITE to implore some government departments and commission authorities to heed to presidential orders seriously without fear or favour when issued.
It is in public domain that President Lungu issued an order early this year that all civil servants who

have stayed in one station for more than three years must be transferred.
This, he said was to make them more productive and not prone to corruption which he said has ravaged most civil service departments.
It has among other things also brought complacency in the execution of duties by most civil servants especially those in top management.
It is, however, surprising that some civil servants being transferred are actually lobbying to have their transfers rescinded.
Why are they refusing to move to other stations or towns when as civil servants, their obligation is to serve Government wherever their services are needed?
With the ongoing transfers, those who will manage to lobby for reversal of their transfers will just have the transferring authorities exposed for corruption and want.
This also calls for the relevant permanent secretaries to take keen interest in the matter so that there is no “Animal Farm” sydrome at play.
The refusal to move is more pronounced in some local government authorities across the country.


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