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PART of the robust infrastructure development facilitated by the CIDP at Simulumbe Agricultural Research Station in Mongu.

Cashew structures taking shape

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INYAMBO Mukela, the acting senior agricultural research officer in-charge of the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) at Simulumbe Research Station in Mongu, is happy with the infrastructure developments being undertaken at the institution. (more…)

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ELIZABETH Malambo with her new-born daughter at Makululu Clinic

Taking maternity services to Makululu

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UNDER the rush of labour pains, Elizabeth Malambo arrived at Makululu Clinic around 19:34 hours one good Friday recently.
By 21:36 hours, Mrs Malambo was not in pain anymore and sleeping beside her was a new-born baby weighing 2.9kg.
Although she was looking frail, her face was radiating with joy as she gazed at her bouncy baby girl. (more…)

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