Breastfeeding: Myths, truths

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Gender Focus with EMELDA MWITWA
AS WE commemorate World Breastfeeding Week, I want to address the subject of breastfeeding from a mother’s point of view.
I will share my thoughts as a layperson, based on my own experiences. I will touch on the benefits of breastfeeding as relayed to me by health care providers during the times I was breastfeeding. (more…)

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Read more about the article Bursting myths by community-based family planning
MERCY Chanda, a Muchinga community-based distributor of family planning services displays the different types of contraceptives on offer.

Bursting myths by community-based family planning

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MARY Munyenyembe, 28, of Muyombe area in Mafinga district, Muchinga Province wants to have a small and manageable family. Though family planning services are not easily accessible in rural areas, this is one challenge she is determined to overcome.


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