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RADIAN Stores has opened a branch in Mumbwa at a new shopping mall which has changed the face of the town.

Mumbwa puts on new face

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WRITING in the Zambia Travel Guide, one traveller described Mumbwa as nothing more than a refuelling stop for those travelling between Lusaka and Mongu. (more…)

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MAJORITY of Zambian farmers, particularly small-scale farmers, have very low levels of mechanisation and usually depend on hand tools and rudimentary implements for cultivation

Mechanised farming to boost crop yields

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MAUREEN Maimbo is 38 years old and lives in Maimwene Resettlement Scheme in Mumbwa district. One Tuesday morning, she arrived home with K1, 350 cash, her paltry proceeds from the 18 of 50kg bags of maize she had sold to a miller in Mumbwa central town. Mrs Maimbo lost her husband in 2010 and for the last eight years, she has been fending for herself and her three children now aged 8, 12 and 15 through farming. Now this time around, the Maimbo family has to work out a way to survive on this meagre income until the next crop harvest 12 months away. (more…)

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Mumbwa man loses manhood

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A 50-YEAR-OLD man of Mumbwa has lost his manhood after another man cut it off for allegedly flirting with his wife.
Central Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase has identified the victim as Coast Choongo of Chikwanka village in Senior Chief Shakumbila’s area. (more…)

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