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FILE: Africa Milling Company workers packing mealie-meal bags at a warehouse in Lusaka on Wednesday. PICTURE: CHONGO SAMPA

Don’t tamper with food

THE recent shortage of mealie meal came as a surprise to many people given the measures Government had put in place to ensure the availability of the commodity at an affordable price. (more…)

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FORMER MINISTER of Agriculture Michael Katambo (centre) speaking to customers at Champion Milling in 2020. PICTURE: CHONGO SAMPA

Food for thought

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THERE is a cartel by some people to create an artificial shortage of mealie-meal and consequently increase the price of the commodity and export it to the Democratic Republic of Congo to make huge profits. (more…)

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TRADERS selling mushroom on Lusaka’s Chachacha Road. Informal markets play a critical role in providing affordable, accessible and diverse food for the urban poor. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

Food system network aids Kitwe

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DURING this year’s International Food Day, which fell on Wednesday, October 16, Pope Francis observed that there is a distorted relationship between food and nutrition which has left about 700 million people globally overweight, simply because they are victims of poor dietary habits. (more…)

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