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ZAMBIA players celebrating midfielder Enock Mwepu’s winning goal during an international friendly against Morocco in Marrakech on Sunday night. Zambia won 3-2. PICTURE: SYDNEY MUNGALA/FAZ

Chipolopolo seek to extend dominance over Elephants

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SEVEN years after squaring it off in the Africa Cup of Nations final in Libreville, Gabon, Zambia and Ivory Coast today renew their rivalry when they face off in an international friendly in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (more…)

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ELEPHANTS in the Kafue National Park are very aggressive as a result of rampant poaching. The ones in the Luangwa Valley are friendly because of a more relaxed attitude between people and elephants.

Elephants displace 50 households

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OVER 50 households in Chirwa Ward in Ngabwe district have fled their villages after an elephant invasion. (more…)

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Elephants ransack granaries

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HUMAN-ANIMAL conflict in Chama district in Muchinga Province has worsened with elephants eating maize from granaries belonging to 156 households in the area.
The elephants ransacked granaries in Chief Chifunda’s area which people had stored after the harvest. (more…)

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